Project Khuluma- designing mobile phone support groups for HV positive adolescents in South Africa

Published on: 09-06-2015


There is growing awareness that HIV/AIDS-affected and -infected adolescents may be at increased risk of mental health problems and distress. Depression and anxiety are associated with non-compliance of medical treatment which, in turn, can further impact health. In South Africa, challenging home environments and stigma in the community weaken support structures at a crucial time when young people are navigating their developing sexuality and HIV status, as well as many other issues associated with adolescence. Despite the need for more support structures of HIV-infected adolescents, such as support groups, in countries like South Africa in can often be challenging to provide them. Challenges include stigma, discrimination, finding a space to run the support groups in often overcrowded hospitals and having adequately trained staff and the capacity to provide regular sessions. Furthermore, in many under-resourced contacts, individuals have to travel long distances to access health care facilities with limited access to transport. These opportunity costs may mean choosing not to attend support groups, which are often seen as “nice to have” rather than essential in facilitating compliance of treatment and providing support through the various related challenges of HIV/AIDS.  Click here to read more about Project Khuluma

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