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In Mexico, 25 million people do not have access to books and reading materials – that’s more than 20% of the population. What’s more, the books that are available to children tend to be uninspiring or poorly suited to helping to learn to read and understand.

This is part of a major problem: Functional illiteracy affects 31 million people in Mexico and is a major area of concern for primary school children across Mexico. Poor literacy levels have profound effects on children’s lives – not only does it harm their chances in the future, but it robs them of the chance to develop a love of literature. It’s not surprising that, with such poor reading materials from a young age, 45% of Mexicans have never entered a library or a bookshop.

We are working with Corazon Taqueria on a literacy project called ‘Me Late Leer ‘in two primary schools in Mexico City. This project involves over 200 students between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. We run ‘inspiration events’ in the schools, which involve inviting children’s authors to present their books to the children and their teachers in a creative way. At the end of each event, a number of books are provided to the schools so that the students have access to them.

To celebrate World Book and Copyright Day this year, we’ve built the first Corazón library to provide a comfortable reading space for children and give them an access to a wide range of children’s books from a group of Mexican authors. Our aim is to promote the power of books and to cultivate a love of reading in primary school children across Mexico City to inspire them to achieve their full potential.

This project is funded by Corazón Taqueria.


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