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In March 2011, the Roundhouse in Camden hosted a four-day festival ‘Voices Now’, in celebration of the UK’s unique choral heritage and vibrant contemporary singing culture. The event was attended by 7,000 people who were all able to join in with top choirs, including the Latvian Radio Choir, BBC Singers, London Symphony Chorus, The Clerks and Holst Singers. The crowds were also entertained by the magnificent a cappella band, The Magnets, and the female vocal group, Juice.

As the walls of the Roundhouse resonated with the beautiful sound of singing and music, visitors were able to participate in come-and-sing events, workshops and seminars. One member of the public described Voices Now as,“an amazing experience, I still get goosebumps when I think about it. When all the choirs sang ‘This is Our World’ together it was breathtaking.”

The festival brought together singers, musicians, community choirs, school and college choirs and members of the public from all backgrounds and abilities. Over 40% of the audience members and participants who were interviewed about their reactions to the festival felt inspired to take up or to get more involved in singing.

The SHM Foundation worked closely with Voices Now to shape the thinking behind the festival and to develop its aims and expected outcomes. The SHM Foundation also donated seed funding and directed a short promotional film, produced by the Roundhouse studios, in which professional and amateur singers talk about their passion for the project.

To view pictures of the event click here.

If you would like more information about the festival click on the following link: http://www.voicesnow.org.uk/

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