A campaign to engage young voters in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections


 In 2012, the SHM Foundation Political Academy partnered with the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to carry out a unique campaign to engage young voters in the lead-up to the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.


The members of the Political Academy named their campaign ‘ForceForward’, to reflect their aim to influence the future of police force.


The ForceForward campaign focused on 3 different Police Authority areas in England – West Yorkshire, Avon and Somerset, and Leicestershire. It was led by young people from these regions who used their individual talents and interests – for example film, social media, writing, and illustration – to spread the word and get other young people engaged.


In the period up to the election day on November 15th, ForceForward engaged thousands of young voters in the debate about the future of crime and policing. Over this period, the young campaigners of the ForceForward team spread the word through a range of activities including: debates in colleges and universities, using postcards to gather the views of their peers, community radio broadcasts, social networking, and street campaigning.

You can read more about the campaign on Twitter @SHMPolAcademy.


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