Silent Cacophony


The SHM Foundation supported the artists’ collective Platform-7 in the creation of a large-scale event for Remembrance Day in 2013.

As part of Silent Cacophony, artistic interventions took place across London and beyond to commemorate bombing attacks from WW1 and WW2, in order to explore how people formulate opinions about war and conflict.

The SHM Foundation provided financial support to the project overall as its Bloomsbury sponsor, and staff at our offices in Bedford Row collaborated with artist Rhiannon Armstrong in the creation of an artistic intervention for the event itself:

Participants were invited to take a short journey in silence, following footsteps that mirrored the journey taken by a silent Zeppelin airship and its crew on the night of 8th September 1915, when more than 40 bombs were dropped on the Bloomsbury area, killing 26 people. The journey was replicated on a scale of 1:125 and reoriented by 90 degrees. Each footstep corresponded to one of the bombs dropped, and the location it was dropped in. Some of the steps were marked with responses, questions and thoughts from staff at The SHM Foundation relating to the map and story of this raid.


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The Foundation was set up in 2008 by Professor Maurice Biriotti and Professor Henrietta Moore, who co-founded the strategy and insight consultancy SHM Productions, based in central London, in 1996.

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