How the Light Gets In


The SHM Foundation supported the Artists in Residence at the How The Light Gets In festival in 2013, at which the British duo FrenchMottershead presented their interactive installation ‘Now That’s An Idea’.

The SHM Foundation also sponsored a series of debates about the arts at How The Light Gets In:

Death of the Hero: Ian Blair, Angie Hobbs, Polly Morland. Chaired by Rana Mitter. Heroes are out of fashion, along with traditional masculine values of grit, perseverance and honour. Will this lead to a more benign culture or is it a fundamental error? Should we seek new heroes, or guard against all such icons as sources of collective stupidity?


In the Moment: Godfrey Barker, Sokari Douglas Camp, Timothy Secret. Chaired by Colin Grant. Woody Allen famously quipped that he didn’t want to achieve immortality through his work but through not dying. Yet most artists still aspire to create monuments that will outlive them. But should we embrace the ephemeral, trivial and delightful rather than works of towering ambition


Of Wonder and Terror: Anna Dumitriu, Lynne Segal, Julian Stallabrass. Chaired by Dennis Marks. Turner and Shelley once dazzled us with sublime visions, but in the modern world cosmologists and biologists seem better able to evoke feelings of wonder and majesty than artists and poets. Does science now provide our access to the sublime, or does art still have the power to make us feel awe? Music’s Mystery: Philip Ball, James Dillon, Michael McIntyre. Chaired by Gabrielle Walker.


Music’s Mystery: Philip Ball, James Dillon, Michael McIntyre. Chaired by Gabrielle Walker. Since the Pythagoreans first investigated the relationship between mathematics and harmony, we have developed theories to explain away the power of music. Is this an error? Should we relish the ineffability of music, or is this a capitulation to mindless romanticism?


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