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“At Circus Space, you are as lik ely to meet a circus artist, as you are a child in a class, a banker on a corporate day out, a teacher or someone from the local community. It makes the place open, vibrant, and is a refresher to the rest of the arts training community…’We are in touch with the world here’…” (Tamasha Theatre Company)

Circus Space provides the only world-class facilities for circus training and production in the UK. Set up in 1994 in a former Victorian power station in Hoxton, in the East End of London, it enables thousands of people every year to take part in the physical challenges and artistic pleasures of contemporary circus. Participants range from the circus artists of the future studying for a BA Hons degree, through to children and adults taking recreational evening classes; from professional artists honing their artistic skills, to employees from all kinds of organisations taking part in workshops that bring teams together and develop creative thinking skills.

The SHM Foundation partnered with Circus Space to support it in working with such a diverse community – developing a user-defined vision of Circus Space; advising on financial benchmarking; and facilitating discussions to understand how to address the competing needs of key stakeholder groups.

We worked with stakeholders from across the community to articulate a user-defined vision of Circus Space. Participants felt that, for them, Circus Space is more than just a space for circus, it is also a space for:

inspiration and invention

developing confidence and self-belief

collaboration and community

taking risks and rising to challenges

The themes of adventure, empowerment, magic and connection ran across Circus Space’s work, whether the participants were professional artists or management consultants on an away day.

This project informed the way Circus Space thinks and talks about itself and enabled a more open communication process with key stakeholder groups.


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The SHM Foundation works globally to bring about positive social change through projects in the areas of learning and citizenship, health and the arts.

The Foundation was set up in 2008 by Professor Maurice Biriotti and Professor Henrietta Moore, who co-founded the strategy and insight consultancy SHM Productions, based in central London, in 1996.

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